Glass Restoration

Glass Restoration Services

Hard water removal NYIt’s no secret that trying to keep your glass shower door squeaky clean is a tough job. Soap, lime, mineral and water spots build  up on your shower glass and make it appear grungy and dirty, no matter how many household products you try, those marks just won’t budge. The Magic Broom can help. Using their specialised products they will clean your shower glass and in up to two hours it’ll be restored and look like near new again.

We have been removing mineral deposits and hard water stains from glass for years, and are considered professional glass restoration experts in our field. Weather you have one window with glass stains on it or several, give us a call and we can help get the windows clean again. Even if another glass stain removal contractor of service professional told you the glass can not be restored, it just may mean that they can’t restore it.

Glass Scratch Removal Services

Glass scratch removalWe can remove deep scratches that you can feel with your fingernail. Typically our glass scratch removal saves about 50% of the cost to replace scratched glass. We can remove scratches from glass table tops, or glass picture windows as well. Removing scratches from glass is fast and easy with our glass scratch removal equipment.

We have some of the best glass scratch removal and glass stain removal procedures and equipment in the country, and possibly even the world.

Call us today for a no obligation quote for our window glass stain removal prices or our glass scratch removal prices.

Graffiti Tag Removal

Graffiti etched into Glass? We do offer this service too!

Utilizing the same technologies mentioned above, we can remove graffiti to restore and protect window architectural glass surfaces. Glass repair saves thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

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